Welcome to Brandhoop

Brandhoop is an online platform designed for communication of brands and consumers. We call consumers experts in products and services. Experts share their own experiences with others, write product reviews, publish news, and interact directly with brands. We strive to gather all brands and all experts in a single place. Without you, the list is incomplete. Join us today!

Brandhoop for experts

Everyday you use or come across a wide variety of products and services. Share your experience as an expert. Read, comment, rate reviews and opinions of other service users. Visit brand pages, interact with brands, have a say on their products and services, marketing campaign, and customer service. Brandhoop unites brands and experts.


Brandhoop for brands

You receive both quantitative and qualitative audience of consumers to actively promote your products and services online. Our service allows for successful realization of all your 3 digital marketing goals: brand awareness, lead generation, and customer retention. You get to shorten your lead conversion time due to availability of peer reviews and recommendations. Talk to your consumer, publish news, showcase your product lines, each product or service in a separate thread of discussion. Brandhoop unites brands and experts.


Space is a range of expert’s favourite brands, it is the products and services that expert continues to use now or was using some time ago. As of today, we have more than 1 200 brands, 12 product and 12 service categories, covering everything from food, clothing, electronics to healthcare, information technology and education. Each expert can easily build a unique Space to share it with others and find people with similar or opposite preferences.


Products and services reviews

We motivate our experts (consumers) to write interesting and helpful product or service reviews featuring their own photos and videos. All reviews can then be shared to major social networks. Conviniently for users, reviews may be submitted via platform’s main page, their Space or product brand page. Please, feel free to add unlimited number of new products or services for your review.


Brandhoop is a place for communication. Experts and brands continuously publish their news, we do our best to make sure it is easy for you to digest this large flow of information. Everything is classified into categories, users follow their favourite brands and experts and thus control what they receive in their timeline at any point of time. By default, you get access to all available information on our platform. We also do not require registration for your browsing experience on our site.